Frutnherb Juice Brands


3 different flavours
3 different flavours

Flavour Pineapple


FRUT N HERB Pineapple - For generations the most renowned and most beloved vitamin drink with the natural flavour of Pineapple, so popular that its Pineapple colour has become the trademark for FRUT N HERB itself. Everybody will surely agree: FRUT N HERB Pineapple is “The FRUT N HERB!”

Flavour Mango


FRUT N HERB Mango - The rich bitter taste of Mango goes great with the most important vitamins: Mango FrutNHerb juice gives you vivacity and energy for a great start to every new day.

Flavour Litchi


FRUT N HERB Litchi - The well known sweet and sour combination of flavours in FRUT N HERB Litchi fruit juice is the best refreshment, but also a great, reliable source of vitamins throughout the year.